Girls would love to paint their nails with every possible nail polish shade. We also tend to keep several bottles of them even if we do cannot really consume everything before one or more of them start to become too thick or goopy.

How To Thin Out Too Thick Or Old Nail Polish

You may have some in your collection that has already become clumpy. Perhaps you have a couple from a brand that has already discontinued production of that particular formula that you have. For some reasons, however, those in your SNS nail colors old collection are the only shades or mixtures that you want on your nails. Besides, these cost you much and you hate seeing them ending inside the trash bin.

Fortunately, you can still use your old nail polish with the help of one of these solutions:

  1. Thinner. A cost-efficient way to add to the shelf life of your nail lacquer is to add a few drops of polish thinner into your formula. After adding about three drops of the nail polish thinner, roll the tightly closed bottle of nail polish back and forth in between your hands. Never shake the nail polish bottle as it will cause bubbles to form in the polish when applied on the nails. Doing so will also reduce the tenacity of the formula, making it easier to break or chip easily.

  1. Hot Water. This is another easy solution for that goopy mixture inside your nail polish bottle. You need to put the bottle in a bowl of hot water for about two minutes. You can also pour some hot water over the bottle for the same duration before rolling the bottle back and forth between your hands.
  1. Combination of the two solutions. If after immersing the bottle of the nail polish in hot water you still see that the formula is still way too thick, you can add a couple of drops of thinner into the formula. To blend the thinner, you just have to roll the bottle between your hands again.

To make sure that your nail polish will remain the same consistency as the first time you opened the bottle, consider doing these suggestions:

  1. Keep the nail polish bottle tightly closed. When you are using it, do not leave the lid off longer than you should. If you do, air particles will mix with the nail polish formula and will make it goopy and, eventually, dry out.
  1. Keep your nail lacquer in a cool, dry place and not in your bathroom where the temperature may go up, especially when you need to use the heater or have to blow dry your hair. Keeping your nail polish in a cold storage will lengthen the formula’s shelf life. It will also prevent the polish from becoming thick of from forming clumps whenever you use need to use it.
  1. Store your nail polish bottles upright. Never let your nail lacquer to rest on its sides or upside down as this will harden the formula or will allow the polish to dry out quicker.
  1. Keep the neck of the nail polish container clean. This will prevent the mixture from clogging the neck of the bottle and dry out the formula quicker than it should. You can always re-purpose the nail polish brush to clean this portion of the nail lacquer bottle.

You don’t want to run out of nail polish whenever you are doing a manicure or a pedicure. You also prefer a totally leveled nail paint whenever you do it at home. Keeping your nail polish in the right place and the right manner, and also using the formula the most cost-effective way will lessen the probability of you having to throw out bottle after bottle of half-used or even unused nail paint formula.

In any, case you found one that is starting to get too goopy, you can always use one of the suggestions mentioned above. The quality of your freshly painted nails will not only depend on the lds nail powder that you use but also on how you prepare the nail surface, as well as the manner how the polish is applied on the nails. For a picture perfect manicure and or pedicure, always do as instructed and never ever rush.