Spray tanning is very much popular these days for all the good reasons. Everyone prefers getting spray tanned to look attractive and chic. Before going for any process, it is very useful to go for all the pros and cons of the procedure. This will help you in deciding what is best for you and your skin. This article will serve as a guide for you to get the perfect spray tanning on your body.

Why is spray tanning the most popular tanning method these days?

There are definitely a lot of positive sides of spray tanning due to which it is very much popular these days. Some of the benefits of spray tanning are as follows:

  • It gives you the most even application. The spray applicator releases an equal amount of product on every area of your body. Unlike other methods, you never get blotches of tan on some areas of your body.
  • Spray tanning is much easier to apply as compared to other methods. You just need to put the tanning solution in the spray machine and apply it on your skin.
  • Spray tanning is comparatively cheaper and affordable as compared to other products. You just have to buy the machine once and it will be good to go for years.

Which products are necessary for getting yourself spray tanned?

Before getting spray tanned, you should know which products are necessary for getting the look of your desires. The essentials of spray tanning are given below:

Spray tanning machine

Obviously, for applying spray tan, you should have a tanning machine with you. Look for the best one that has at least 2 years warranty. This will help you save your money in case the machine stops working.

Spray tanning lotion

A lotion for spray tan can be very useful for keeping your tan dark and strong. It can be used both before or after the tanning process. You should look for the one that contains suitable ingredients, compatible with your skin type.

Tanning oil

A lot of people ignore buying this product but it can be very helpful especially for those people who experience difficulty in developing the tan of their choice. This helps you achieve the specific tone and darkness of the tan.

Tanning solution

The most important product of spray tanning is the tanning solution. Try out the best spray tan solution for professionals and choose the one that matches your skin perfectly. As it is a product for professionals, it will give you the look that you get only in a salon from an expert.

Keep your tan strong and dark for longer

To keep your tan dark and strong, you don’t have to worry about following any lengthy or tiring process. Just some simple steps can help you in protecting your tan. First of all, do not use hot water to shower. Hot water can rinse off your tan in just two or three days. Secondly, use a good quality moisturizer or tanning oil and apply it all over your body regularly. It will help in taking the tan to the deepest layers of your skin. Also, avoid wearing exposing clothes outside in the sun , otherwise your tan will fade away. Wear full sleeves and keep yourself covered.


Spray tanning is more popular than ever and everyone should give it a try. It is the best method to get yourself bronzed. The ideal, sun kissed, tanned look is not hard to achieve anymore. Just buy the right products and apply them in the right way, and you’ll end up getting what you have always wanted.