You know what’s funny? How girls can admire and envy another girl just because of their skin. Those women with perfect skins, what do they use to get that? Admit it. We all resented some girls at some point in our lives. But this post is not about jealousy and resentment. This article is about sharing what kind habit a woman with perfect skin has.

The best part about is that most of these women do share common denominators! When doing our research, most women apply the same habits every day. If you want to get perfect, healthy skin, keep reading to see what they are!

1. Always Stay Hydrated

The Habit of a Woman with Perfect Skin Every Day

It’s not about drinking a whole bottle of beer or a cup of coffee. We are not talking about that kind of “hydration”. That’s a temptation, ladies. We are speaking about right liquids. Water, chlorophyll and more water. According to a skincare specialist in New York City, Joanna Vargas, it is important to choose the right liquids. She suggested taking a shot of chlorophyll every day when you wake up. A shot of this liquid will hydrate your skin. It will also oxygenate and brighten your appearance. Other than that, chlorophyll is known to stimulate the lymphatic system. It helps in reducing the puffiness and good for cellulite.

If you think the shots are too much for you, you can them in supplements. Other than that, drinking enough water every day is crucial to get healthier skin. Always take water half of your body weight. If you are 150lbs, taking 75oz of water is a must. Divide your body weight by two. This way you will get the right amount of water intake for your body.

2. Set Enough Time For Beauty Sleep

The Habit of a Woman with Perfect Skin Every Day

It’s true when they talk about the power of a beauty sleep. It’s hard to look beautiful if you are skipping on your sleep. Clock at least 7 hours of sleep every night and you will wake up feeling fresh. We all already know the term “raccoon eyes”. Scientifically, it is called periorbital hyperpigmentation and it is caused by sleep deprivation. According to a research done in Sweden in 2010, those who had enough 8 hours of sleep were considered more attractive. This is because they appeared younger and more energetic. Enough sleep equals to a better complexion. So, remember to get enough beauty sleep every night!

3. Maintaining a Healthy Diet

The Habit of a Woman with Perfect Skin Every Day

Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who knows the right things to eat. A woman who watches after her diet will benefit from it. Her skin will appear younger and healthier. Eat more green and less junk food. Put walnuts or flax seeds on your salad. They will help in increasing your skin’s ability to retain moisture. This is because walnuts and flax seeds offer a boost to your omega-3. Make sure you do not consume too much of oily food. Cut any junk food that you already know is not healthy.

4. Protect Skin From the Sunlight

80% of skin aging problem is due to sunlight. Facial lines, wrinkles, skin thinning and freckling is caused by direct sun exposure. You have also heard that sunlight can develop skin cancer. That is why it is very important for you to protect your skin when being outdoors. Use broad-spectrum sunscreens. This way your skin will be blocked from both UVA and UVB light. If you are outside for the whole day, reapply it every two hours. UV rays are known to be the strongest from 10 am to 4 pm. These are the hours you should avoid from getting direct sunlight contact.

The Habit of a Woman with Perfect Skin Every Day

Although getting enough light is good for the mood, if overexpose, it can damage your skin. Another way, you can also try some affordable light therapy devices. You can use them indoors and you don’t have to be outside just to get sunlight. These therapy devices will be good mood booster but safe enough not to damage your skin. Many people choose to be outdoors due to the fact that sunlight helps their mood better. If it is not mandatory for you to be outdoor during strongest sunlight hours, do not do it. Try some LED light therapy home devices instead.

5. Washing Faces Every Night

The Habit of a Woman with Perfect Skin Every Day

Smaller micro-particles from air pollutants can irritate your skin. This is why it is crucial for you to wash your face before you go to sleep. Take a moment every night to remove all the heavy makeup and cleanse your face. Do not ever go to sleep with makeup on. A face full of makeup will contribute to unhealthy skin. A skin that is not able to “breathe” at night will feel and look dull.

6. Keep Your Skin Moist

The Habit of a Woman with Perfect Skin Every Day


After washing your face, always remember to moisturize. Maintaining the right water content is very important for a healthy complexion. For those with sensitive skin, ceramides are good for you. They are one of the three types of fats or lipids in the skin. Most women who are still able to maintain moist skin especially during winter share the same habit. They watch the water intake. They moisture regularly.

7. Log a Couple Hours For Workout

A fresh-faced glow can be achieved with a proper workout routine. Aim for workout sessions five days in a week. Each session should be minimum of 30 minutes. This way, you can prevent your skin from aging. As a matter of fact, those who workout regularly will age slowly. They will look so much younger than their age. Their skin will look younger and they feel more youthful.

8. Use Light Therapy Devices

The Habit of a Woman with Perfect Skin Every Day

If you have acne or suffer from mild to moderate skin problems, light therapy is your good choice. You can easily find affordable light therapy devices that you can use at home. A proper device will help you eliminate dead skin cells, kill bacteria and enhance the elasticity of your skin. Blue and red light therapy are good for those with moderate acne problems. Certain lights will help in boosting mood or increase metabolism. If you want to get a perfect skin, consider getting a light therapy device.

Wrap It Up

It is very important for a woman to know how to care for their skin. Avoid anything that can trigger an unhealthy skin. This can be smoking, picking your pimples or even dirty makeup brushes. The more you pay attention to your skin, the better it will become. A woman who maintains a healthy habit will get perfect skin. Majority of the ladies do not even have the determination to do step one. But if you are one of those women who know what they want, we hope this article will help you. Always remember this though; a healthy skin does not mean a healthy mind. If you have a healthy habit but not a relaxed mind, it means nothing. So, keep every aspect of your life well-balanced and you will reap what you sow.