What is Permanent Makeup?

PermanentMakeup is a cosmetic tattoo. It is implanting pigment into the Dermis Layer of the skin.

Do I need a consultation in advance?

Not necessary. I’m happy to talk with you on the phone or chat via email. If you want to send me pictures of yourself, I’m happy to talk to you in advance about what I recommend for you at no charge.

If you really feel you need a consultation in advance, I will do that at small fee of $50. This fee will go toward your initial procedure. However, normally, clients book the procedure time and I do the consultation at the time of the procedure. The only reason to do a consultation in advance is if you’re not sure you want me to do the work, and you won’t feel comfortable unless we meet first, or if you’re not sure you want to do the work at all. I’ve tried to put enough information on this website that you can get all your questions answered in advance, and we won’t have to spend unnecessary time in a separate consultation session.

What happens during the consultation time?

You can make an 1 hour consultation appointment. During your consultation I will draw in your brow so you can see what it will look like. I create a brow for your individual face. Pictures will be taken before and after drawing. You don’t have to make a decision at that time. You can think about it if you like. Wear it for the day. Show it to a friend whose opinion you value. I want everyone to be comfortable with their decision. The consultation fee is $50.00. This is the deposit and will be applied to the procedure appointment.

How long does a procedure take?

Including the consultation, paperwork, and numbing time, the average length of time for one procedure is approximately 1.5 to 3 hours. The second application is usually 1 hour or less.

How long does permanent makeup last?

Permanent cosmetics are permanent in that you will always have a permanent marking on your skin. However, over time, you will notice a gradual softening of color occurring each year. Everyone’s skin tone is different and the color can vary from person to person. It is important to understand that permanent makeup will fade over time and can change color. Sun, body chemistry, products we use on our skin, medications you are on, the fact that the pigment is something foreign in the skin that the body is trying to rid itself of, are all factors in how your permanent makeup will be effected in the future.Many women feel that this is advantageous, as they feel that their permanent makeup will age with them. “Color enhancements” are recommended for those who wish to keep their permanent makeup looking as fresh as possible. Pricing on color enhancements for return clients are greatly reduced, and individually assessed.

How painful is the application?

I use a topical anesthetic for all procedures which eliminates most of the discomfort. Some clients experience discomfort due to varying pain tolerance and/or resistance to anesthetics. However it is also dependent on how careful your technician is. I am extremely gentle in my application. I commonly hear “This is not bad”, “I thought this would hurt more”, and my favorite, “Are you actually putting the color in right now?”

What should I expect at my first appointment?

At your first visit, you’ll fill out office paperwork. You can wear your own makeup to show me what you think you’d like (but please, avoid waterproof mascara and staining lipcolors). Then, I’ll use conventional cosmetics to adjust what you’ve done as necessary, and simulate the result I intend to achieve. Only when we’ve agreed about shape, color and placement, and we both understand what that means, do I apply permanent color. After I remove your makeup, I apply topical anesthetic to the area we will tattoo. It will take 15-20 minutes for the surface of the skin to numb up. You’ll still have a little sensation as I work, but mostly a scratching or tickling that isn’t bad at all. Also, I will reinforce the anesthetic as I work to keep you comfortable.Allow an 1 – 1.5hr for each procedure initially. When we’re done, you’ll be given aftercare instructions and sent home to heal.

Is it safe?

Yes, Technician is a trained Micropigmentation Specialist; OSHA certified and a member of SPCP. 100% single-use needles, disposable system for each procedure. The methods of permanent cosmetic application are controlled, gentle and safe.

What should I expect afterwards?

Dark makeup! DO NOT have your Permanent Makeup applied right before any major events. Wait 7 days for eyeliner and brows and 10 days for any lip procedures. The area will be tender and swollen for a few days. The color will oxidize immediately after the procedure and look “too dark”. This is good! It can mean less of a Touch-up. The area will peel leaving less intense color within days. You will book your follow up appointment 4-6 weeks out to perfect your makeup. How many applications are needed?Generally, two applications are needed in order to achieve full satisfaction with your desired look. However, many of clients are fully satisfied with just one application. If a second application is desired, it is scheduled approximately 6 weeks after the initial procedure.

What is a Touch-up appointment?

During the initial procedure (first application), the tattooed area(s) will be saturated with as much color as possible. Due to swelling, there may be some areas where the tissue will no longer allow pigment to be implanted. Those areas will show less color after healing and may need another visit to be filled-in (a touch-up). Because everyone’s tissue reaction is different, some clients will need a second visit while others will not. First, the tattooed area must heal before a refinement procedure can be performed. It is best to wait 4 to 6 weeks for complete tissue healing and color stabilization. Once the desired results are achieved, the client can keep the color looking fresh with a maintenance visit every few years. The fee includes two visits, as needed, within two months, to complete the initial application of the procedure.

What is the best ‘After Care’ product for my skin?

A research paper I read many years ago stated that Vaseline healed wounds as well as Bacitracin, Polysporin and Neosporin. It is basically up to the technician to decide what product you should use for your after care. You will recieve a Vitamins A & D Ointment after the procedure to take home.

I have Glaucoma and high blood pressure, Can I have permanent eyeliner applied?

If you have any concerns, or, if you are currently taking any medication, you should always consult with your physician before any permanent cosmetic make-up procedure application. This will keep your physician informed in case of any contraindications.

Do you scratch or patch test for allergy first?

Normally not. Such testing is not considered sufficiently predictive by medical authorities. Also, I’m not a doctor, so I can’t legally interpret any such test. It is always possible that you could develop an allergy in the future to any foreign substance in your body once sensitized. But real pigment allergies to permanent cosmetic colors are extremely rare. I have never seen or had a pigment allergy reaction to any of the colors I use. However, previous tattooing with certain other pigments may make you more susceptible to a possible pigment reaction. If you’ve been previously tattooed with Premier Pigments True Colors, which were withdrawn from the market, you are at risk of reaction from subsequent procedures. Also, if you have a genuine history of contact sensitivity to other dyes and colorants, there is a greater risk of sensitivity. If you request it, I can tattoo a small test patch at an additional charge, and allow you to make your own determination of the results.