Should you worry if you have short nails because it can be challenging to have a gorgeous manicure? No, you need not because you can go for nail extensions. You have two options, an acrylic nail extension and a soft gel extension. Let us see why soft gel attachment is a preferred option among women today.

Soft Gel Extensions – Clearing the Confusion

Soft gel attachment is not a new technique, but not many people know about it. Therefore, there is a lot of confusion surrounding it. This article helps clear the air and understand the benefits of this technique.

Soft gel attachments seem exciting because they offer the benefits of multiple manicures, including gel polish and acrylic extensions. This attachment has the durability of acrylic nail extensions and the gorgeousness of a gel polish manicure. Besides, the soft gel tips do not contain harsh chemicals found in acrylic powders. Therefore, the procedure is healthy for your nails. So, if you have not tried out the process, you should be doing it now.

Are Gel Attachments and Gel Polish the Same?

This discussion brings us to whether gel polish and gel tips are the same. The answer is a clear NO. Gel polish enhances the nail’s appearance but does not alter its shape or length because you paint gel polish directly on the nail surface.

On the other hand, the soft gel attachment makes for an additional protective layer over your nails, changing their shape and length.

However, there is one similarity between gel polish and gel extensions. Both the procedures require you to cure the nails under a UV lamp. Besides, both require acetone for their removal.

Comparison Between Acrylic Nails and Soft Gel Tips

Gel tips and acrylic nail extensions are two entirely different manicures. First, acrylic nails have a different structure, with the tip made of plastic. Secondly, the process involves the mixing of polymer powder and monomer liquid. Finally, the soft gel attachments are different because they are ready-made gel tips you can press onto your nails. However, the procedure does not involve using nail glue.

Soft Gel Tips – Understand the Procedure Well

If you go through the procedure, you will find they are different from acrylic nail extensions.

Start by prepping your nails and filing them into shape. Next, buff the nail surface and push the cuticles back. Finally, use an alcohol wipe to remove any debris.

The second step is assessing the correct tip size for your nails. Again, your nail technician is the right person for the job.

File the insides of the tips and apply an acetone layer to them. Then, you can proceed with applying a nail bonder to your nails. This process soaks up the residual moisture from the nail surface.

Applying the primer liquid is the next step in the process. The primer application makes the nail surface sticky and enables the soft gel tips to stick to them.

Now, you can have a thin layer of gel to the nails. The curing of this gel layer under the UV lamp is critical.

You can proceed with painting your nails with your favorite gel polish. Then, press the tip firmly on your nails and cure them under the UV lamp for around 60 seconds to complete the process.

Soft Gel Extensions Last Long

Compared to your regular gel polish that lasts no more than two weeks, these extensions can last for four weeks. The soft gel tips can withstand natural wear and tear. However, if you lead an active lifestyle, your nail extensions can shorten their lifespan.

Soft Gel Tips – Easy Removal

Though you can remove the gel nail extensions at home, it is better to approach a nail salon technician. The nail techie uses an electric nail drill to break the top seal of gel polish. You have to drill up to nearly 90% of the gel before proceeding with the acetone soak procedure.

The acetone soak can dehydrate your nails. Therefore, you should let your nails breathe for at least a week before proceeding with the subsequent extension procedure.

Advantages of Soft Gel Attachments

Soft gel tips have advantages that make them desirable manicures to have. Let us discuss some benefits.

Soft gel extensions are durable and last much longer than gel polish manicures. Moreover, they are healthy and do not harm your nails. Besides, these soft tips enhance your glamour quotient considerably.

A soft gel tip attachment is an easy manicure compared to acrylic nails. Acrylic nails contain harmful chemicals like MMA, whereas gel extension tips are harmless.

Final Thoughts

Nothing can be better than a gel manicure when it comes to enhancing beauty. If you have short nails, you need not worry because the gel soft allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a gel manicure and makes you look attractive.