Should you worry if you have short nails because it can be challenging to have a gorgeous manicure? No, you need not because you can go for nail extensions. You have two options, an acrylic nail extension and a soft gel extension. Let us see why soft gel attachment is a preferred option among women today.

Soft Gel Extensions – Clearing the Confusion

Soft gel attachment is not a new technique, but not many people know about it. Therefore, there is a lot of confusion surrounding it. This article helps clear the air and understand the benefits of this technique.

Soft gel attachments seem exciting because they offer the benefits of multiple manicures, including gel polish and acrylic extensions. This attachment has the durability of acrylic nail extensions and the gorgeousness of a gel polish manicure. Besides, the soft gel tips do not contain harsh chemicals found in acrylic powders. Therefore, the procedure is healthy for your nails. So, if you have not tried out the process, you should be doing it now.

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While the summer season has not yet physically arrived, you can always be prepared for its arrival. The summer sees the sun come out in all its glory and brings warmth to the environment. It is also when the grass turns yellow because of the sun beating on it. People stuff their woolens into the cupboards and take out the lighter-hued clothes. Therefore, your gel DND nail polish colors should also change from dark wintry to bright and light summer colors. So, here are some gel polish colors you can try in the summer of 2022.

Best Gel Polish Colors for Summer

The Corals Will Continue to Shine in Summer

Come rain or shine, and corals remain the favorite of women globally. These beautiful shades never seem to go out of fashion. The best aspect of these exotic colors is that they arouse enthusiasm, excitement, and warmth. The coral shades can suit almost all skin tones, irrespective of the tan you have. It suits virtually all attire and is the perfect color to have for any occasion.

The DND gel polish color chart has a generous sprinkling of coral shades from the chirpy orange to the most exotic pinks. Each of these colors deserves to have its place in the sun.

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Are you also craving to get the perfect makeup look but your prone skin does not allow you to have it? Well you deserve to look beautiful and nothing can stop you from doing that. Acne prone skin does not let the makeup stay on your skin for long so it is important to use the right products in the right way in order to achieve the desired look.

Perfect Makeup for Acne Prone Skin

Here are some tips to use makeup products for achieving the looks of your desire.

Which products are ideal and how to use them

Although the products for different makeup looks are almost the same, the technique to apply them on your face is what makes them unique. Here are some of the products and their right usage for getting the most glamorous look for acne prone skin.


First and foremost, comes the the primer. Use the one that is moisturizing and does not contain even the slightest amount of oil in it. Apply with a gentle motion of your finger tips without disturbing the acne bumps.

CC cream

Next comes the step of color correction. In acne prone skin, you may experience discoloration or redness in some areas of your skin. This needs to be corrected in order to achieve a uniform color on your entire face. A CC cream for acne is a suggested product to achieve this goal. It helps in giving an even color on the entire face and smoothens your skin. It can also be used to achieve a casual look when you do not want to apply a whole lot of products on your face.

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Spray tanning is very much popular these days for all the good reasons. Everyone prefers getting spray tanned to look attractive and chic. Before going for any process, it is very useful to go for all the pros and cons of the procedure. This will help you in deciding what is best for you and your skin. This article will serve as a guide for you to get the perfect spray tanning on your body.

Why is spray tanning the most popular tanning method these days?

There are definitely a lot of positive sides of spray tanning due to which it is very much popular these days. Some of the benefits of spray tanning are as follows:

  • It gives you the most even application. The spray applicator releases an equal amount of product on every area of your body. Unlike other methods, you never get blotches of tan on some areas of your body.
  • Spray tanning is much easier to apply as compared to other methods. You just need to put the tanning solution in the spray machine and apply it on your skin.
  • Spray tanning is comparatively cheaper and affordable as compared to other products. You just have to buy the machine once and it will be good to go for years.

Which products are necessary for getting yourself spray tanned?

Before getting spray tanned, you should know which products are necessary for getting the look of your desires. The essentials of spray tanning are given below:

Spray tanning machine

Obviously, for applying spray tan, you should have a tanning machine with you. Look for the best one that has at least 2 years warranty. This will help you save your money in case the machine stops working.

Spray tanning lotion

A lotion for spray tan can be very useful for keeping your tan dark and strong. It can be used both before or after the tanning process. You should look for the one that contains suitable ingredients, compatible with your skin type.

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Nails have to look awesome and there are plenty of ways to do so. The most popular choices to make your nails stand out are dip powder and nail polish.  Many get confused between the two as they don’t really know what would look best on them. Although it depends on your priorities many recommend Kiara dip powder over nail polish.

You should know what your priorities are and which of the options best serve them. This article has particularly discussed all those priorities so you can make an informed decision. While both offer benefits, some would prefer to use the Kiara Sky dip set. Here is why.

Reasons to Choose Kiara Dip Powder over Nail Polish

No Need for UV/LED Lamp

The very first reason people like dip powder is that they don’t have to buy a UV/LED lamp to cure their nails. The nail polish doesn’t dry itself. It takes time and some effort. This is why you have to UV lamp and keep your hands under it for some minutes. Not only is this process frustrating but it also damages your hand. Too much exposure to UV is not good for the skin.

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