Nail fungus infections account for over fifty percent of all nail abnormalities. The human body carries fungus organisms typically.  When fungus overgrows, a disease usually occurs. Nail and toenails are both subject to fungus infections.

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Symptoms of Fungal Infection

Fungus infection in both toenails and fingernails appears as discoloration and thickening of the nail. The tips and edges of the nail have a crumbling appearance. Even though nail fungus can occur in both fingernails and toenails; typically, it is more prevalent in toenails.Ten percent of the country is affected by nail fungus infection.

Oral Nail Fungus Infection Treatment

Oral nail fungus infection medicines typically take about four months before the growth of a healthy nail replaces the infected nail. Oral medications include:

. Lamisil

. Sporanox

. Diflucan

. CBD Medical

Your physician can prescribe these medications. These medicines are not available over the counter. Over the Counter medicines for nail fungus infection are available. However, these medications have not been found to be a useful type of treatment.

Effective Home Remedies For Fungal Nail Treatment

Some home remedies can clear the nail fungus infection. However, home remedies do not clear up the fungus infection. Other alternatives medicines to best fungal nail treatment include cbd oil for pain, vinegar, Listerine, and grapefruit seed extract.

Clinical Home Remedies for Fungus Nail Infection

– VicksVapoRub found beneficial in nail fungus treatment according to a study conducted in 2011.

– Snakeroot Extract, found in a study in 2008 to be an effective as a natural antifungal plant. Snakeroot Extract compares to ciclopirox, a prescription antifungal nail medication.

– Oregano Oil has found in lab studies to have antifungal properties.  Oregano Oil has often used in combination with tea tree oil for fungus nail treatment. However, they are serious side effects with this combination causing possible allergic reaction or irritation in some cases.

– Oronized oils are mixed naturally with the same gases in the ozone layer. Olive oil and Sunflower oil are examples of  Oronized oils.  One research study showed oronized sunflower oils showed stronger potency than the prescribed antifungal medication, Ketoconazole.

– Nail polish: You may think that nail polish is not good for nail fungus, but to help people with fungus can still have beautiful nails thanks to the mushroom nail products. OPI dipping powder is a brand like that, you can also choose the products of some other nail brands such as: LDS dipping powder, sns nails…


Good prevention practices of nail fungus include a daily hand and foot hygiene methods.

Good Prevention Include:

– Keep your nails short, dry, and clean at all times.

–  Your foot socks should allow for breathability. Synthetic materials bring the best breathability.

– After showering, use antifungal foot sprays and powders daily.

– Wear hand gloves to prevent oversaturation of water to the nails.

–  Use of sterilized tools at pedicure and manicure salons

– Washing hands after touching an infected nail.

– Wearing shoes, sandals, in public places, showers, and pools.

– Do not pick nails or bit nails.


Having a fungus nail infection can take months to clear and produce a healthy nail. Hopely some of our information today has been helpful. Medical issues such as diabetes can aggravate a nail fungus infection. When in doubt, consult with your physician. Untreated nail fungus infections can lead to pain and permanent deformity of the nail if not treated.