Nails have to look awesome and there are plenty of ways to do so. The most popular choices to make your nails stand out are dip powder and nail polish.  Many get confused between the two as they don’t really know what would look best on them. Although it depends on your priorities many recommend Kiara dip powder over nail polish.

You should know what your priorities are and which of the options best serve them. This article has particularly discussed all those priorities so you can make an informed decision. While both offer benefits, some would prefer to use the Kiara Sky dip set. Here is why.

Reasons to Choose Kiara Dip Powder over Nail Polish

No Need for UV/LED Lamp

The very first reason people like dip powder is that they don’t have to buy a UV/LED lamp to cure their nails. The nail polish doesn’t dry itself. It takes time and some effort. This is why you have to UV lamp and keep your hands under it for some minutes. Not only is this process frustrating but it also damages your hand. Too much exposure to UV is not good for the skin.

Besides, the lamp also uses electricity. On the other hand, you don’t need any curating after applying Kiara dip powder. However, there is one benefit to nail polish that you might not find with powder. The nail polish feels a bit more traditional. If that’s not one of your priorities, then you shouldn’t have any worries about switching to powder.

Dip Powder Lasts Longer

Another reason people prefer powder over polish is the time it stays. You will have to remove and reapply nail polish after two weeks. Even in the best-case scenario, it is not going to last for more than 3 weeks. On the other hand, Kiara dip powder lasts at least four weeks. This means you will have no worries for one month. You can use to any function with the same nails without having to redo them again.

It is no secret that it’s much easier to apply the powder. It sticks to the portion where you have applied the base coat. More time with the same nails means that you also won’t have to keep using the product. You will use less of the product and it will save you up to 25% of the total you spend on your nails. If durability and saving are one of your priorities then you should prefer the Kiara Sky dip set.

Gel Polish Can Damage Your Nails

Gel polish is not recommended for anyone who has weak nails. All these products are created of chemicals, but they are not supposed to hurt us. Nail polish is designed in a way that it sticks harder. For that traditional look, you might have to compromise the health of your nails. If you want to stay healthy and keep your nails strong, you should try to avoid polish.

It doesn’t have any direct negative impact, but it slowly starts to weaken nails. Strong nails might not even feel the difference. However, regular use can even compromise their integrity. Polish is also a lot harder to take off. When you scratch off the polish and apply things like acetone, it doesn’t just affect the nails but also the skin around them.

Both Require Gel Base Coat

One of the common things in the two is the base coat. You have to set a base coat whether you are applying polish or Kiara dip powder. There is no difference in how you apply in this coat. You just have to learn the one right away and that’s all.

You will, however, notice that powder doesn’t require you to apply a thick coat. Not only does it not need a lot of base coat, but it’s also recommended for better results. The powder will easily stick to all the right places and it will be even on the whole nail without leaving a spot.

Both Require Gel Polish Top Coat

You will need a good top coat for both these nail products. It’s not going to take a lot of effort. You can make do without it, but you won’t get the shine you were expecting. Remember that you will also have to use an activator with the powder. It sets the Kiara Sky dip set where it belongs. You won’t have to worry that it will start to fall off after the activator.


Polish and powder are both great products for nails. They will give the look you desire and they come in all sorts of colors and designs. If you don’t have any personal preference, you should try to use Kiara Sky dip nails more. The polish has a little different look and appears more traditional, but the powder also offers a unique look.