Are you also craving to get the perfect makeup look but your prone skin does not allow you to have it? Well you deserve to look beautiful and nothing can stop you from doing that. Acne prone skin does not let the makeup stay on your skin for long so it is important to use the right products in the right way in order to achieve the desired look.

Perfect Makeup for Acne Prone Skin

Here are some tips to use makeup products for achieving the looks of your desire.

Which products are ideal and how to use them

Although the products for different makeup looks are almost the same, the technique to apply them on your face is what makes them unique. Here are some of the products and their right usage for getting the most glamorous look for acne prone skin.


First and foremost, comes the the primer. Use the one that is moisturizing and does not contain even the slightest amount of oil in it. Apply with a gentle motion of your finger tips without disturbing the acne bumps.

CC cream

Next comes the step of color correction. In acne prone skin, you may experience discoloration or redness in some areas of your skin. This needs to be corrected in order to achieve a uniform color on your entire face. A CC cream for acne is a suggested product to achieve this goal. It helps in giving an even color on the entire face and smoothens your skin. It can also be used to achieve a casual look when you do not want to apply a whole lot of products on your face.


Now coming towards the foundation. Make sure your foundation is non-occlusive in nature so that it does not trigger your acne. Apply it in a dabbing motion of a beauty blender. You can use a wet blender to achieve more coverage on the acne clad areas.


Now, using a concealer, add a few touch ups to any area that is left uneven. Remember that the spot which needs the concealer the most is the T-zone of your face. One protip for applying concealer is to use a bit darker shade than your skin. This way, your concealer can be used as a contour giving a dual action.

Cushion compact

Now it’s time to set your foundation. A Korean cushion compact is the best product to give you a flawless finish of the makeup. It not only sets the makeup but also provides amazing coverage. You can also use this cushion compact without the other products for a no-makeup look.


Bling up your cheeks and jaw bones for adding some extra glam. You can apply it with a brush to allow even distribution. If you are wearing a deep neckline, you can also apply some highlighter on your neck bones to achieve the model-like look. The opportunities to get creative with a highlighter are endless.


Apply a creamy eyeshadow on your eyelids that adheres to your skin better. You can go for your routine peach or pink shades or some bold colors to add some jazz.


The key to get a beautiful makeup look on acne prone skin is the right application of makeup base. If the products are occlusive or cause clogging of pores, there is nothing that can stop you from getting a break out. On the other hand, a good quality product that is compatible with your skin type can give you a glamorous look in no time. So what are you waiting for? Follow the tips given above and get the look of your choice.