While the summer season has not yet physically arrived, you can always be prepared for its arrival. The summer sees the sun come out in all its glory and brings warmth to the environment. It is also when the grass turns yellow because of the sun beating on it. People stuff their woolens into the cupboards and take out the lighter-hued clothes. Therefore, your gel DND nail polish colors should also change from dark wintry to bright and light summer colors. So, here are some gel polish colors you can try in the summer of 2022.

Best Gel Polish Colors for Summer

The Corals Will Continue to Shine in Summer

Come rain or shine, and corals remain the favorite of women globally. These beautiful shades never seem to go out of fashion. The best aspect of these exotic colors is that they arouse enthusiasm, excitement, and warmth. The coral shades can suit almost all skin tones, irrespective of the tan you have. It suits virtually all attire and is the perfect color to have for any occasion.

The DND gel polish color chart has a generous sprinkling of coral shades from the chirpy orange to the most exotic pinks. Each of these colors deserves to have its place in the sun.

The Fruity Pastels Bring in the Element of Fun

Summer is when you bring out the lighter shades of every color into the open. The fruity pastels are extremely fun to wear because they can spruce up any occasion and make any manicure look heavenly. DND has an exquisite range of these pastel shades ranging from minty green to violet lilac. The colors look so delicious that you can have your beloved eat out of your hands.

The light pastel colors suit almost all summer garments and complement your sun-kissed skin perfectly. The milky blues and the citrus yellows are seen aplenty in the summer season.

The Nudes Seem to Be the Most Practical of All

The nude colors have their significance because they suit almost every season. However, the onset of summer brings out the lighter hues of the nudes rather than the deeper shades. A crucial aspect of the nude shade is that they make a slightly worn-in manicure less noticeable to the eye. In addition, the nudes match your skin tone perfectly and allow you to get away with slight imperfections. Thus, the nude shades have gained a reputation for being the most practical of all DND gel nail colors.

If you rummage through the DND gel polish color chart, you can find various nude shades ranging from the warm to the dune nudes.

Brighten up Your Day with the Brightest of Pinks

Pinks feature prominently when you discuss light colors. The summer is the perfect time to unleash the entire range of pink shades and make your skin glow. Another beautiful aspect of the pinks is that they introduce positivity and happiness every time you have these innocent-looking colors on your nails. Pink is an excellent choice to wear because you can comfortably have different nail art designs. Pink is also the best color to have a French manicure.

So, if you want a brighter and better summer, pink is the way to go.

Never Ignore These Bold Primary Colors

While people generally love to have light colors in summer, you can always experiment with the darker hues and look different from the crowd. If you love experimentation, the classic reds should be ideal in summer. You can also try out the bold traditional yellows or the defining blues this summer to enhance your attraction quotient.

However, it is better to avoid highly dark shades like black and deep browns. While looking out of place, they introduce a sense of negativity. It is also better to go for dark colors during the latter half of the summer season to prepare you for the autumn season that follows immediately.

Be Bold Enough to Try out Dual Colors

Many people do not enjoy experimenting with dual colors because they are unsure about the combo. The pink and white combination is fantastic, whereas the light blue and yellow combo is equally great. It is advisable to have the darker color at the base and the lighter hues towards the tips when having the combo.

The best place to search for your favorite colors is the DND gel polish color chart because it displays an exotic range of color options you would enjoy wearing this summer of 2022.

Final Thoughts

With summer approaching quickly, it is the right time to remove the lighter colors from the drawer and enjoy wearing them with complete freedom. It is the best time of the year as it allows you to come out of the dark wintry colors into the sun and have a blast.