If given the opportunity, what color of nail polish would want to be? Why does it seem that everyone else believes we only use reds and pinks? Or extreme light shades of nudes, reds and pinks?

I was thinking the other day while in the fingernail salon, if everyone went by what style experts say on fingernail enhancement, everyone would be dressed in nail polish colors that complement their complexion. We understand everybody opts for what rocks their boats eventually. Fashion experts keep a variety of extremely stylish nail polish shades out, especially the ones that are not boring.

These folks called “Style Experts” believe whatever Kiara Sky nail polish color you wear should be based why you are wearing it, what you do for a living, what you wear in general and your skin tone. I only agree with one section. Say if you are attending a black-tie event, putting on a red nail polish seems too off unless it matches your gown for the evening.

Now, who made up the concept that you only use black nail polish during the winter, light shades in springtime and shiny ones in the summertime? Does this mean if you choose to wear dark nail polishes all year long, you have broken the laws of fashion?

This is what the self proclaimed fashion police say you should be wearing:

  • Fair skin tone should wear light berries and cool blue based pinks. Yellow-based shades and lavender is a no no.
  • Olive to medium skin tone should wear gold flickered sheers or white pinks and should stay away from bluish undertone.
  • Dark skin tone should wear beige or bright pinks. Also yellow toned sheers will match. Whatever looks chalky on your skin should be avoided.
  • If you love dark nail polishes, they’re suitable every time, everyday.
  • For fair skin tones, wear plums, blood red and cool deep berries. Stay away from bright purples and browns.
  • Medium skin tones should wear deep maroons, orange based reds and rusty browns. Berries are a no no for this tone.
  • Dark skin tone should wear deep plums, creams and rich browns. Dark skinned women really shouldn’t avoid any colors because they all look awesome against their skin.
  • Now how about purples that glitters? Shades of browns, greens and other glitters?


  1. Do you really follow the color rules set by the fashion police or you just wear whatever comes to mind?
  1. Do you put on colors that are outgoing because you feel you are an outgoing person?
  1. Do you pick your nail polish because of their brand?
  1. Do you look at names when picking your nail polishes?

We would love to hear your thoughts on this.