Gel manicures are preferable because they last long and look great on the nails. However, a lot of thought goes into the application process. You need to follow the correct procedure to get the perfect gel manicure. Otherwise, you could end up with a smudgy appearance that could affect your personality and confidence levels. Let us discuss how to get the perfect gel manicure at home.

First things first – Get the best products

It can be enticing to go for cheap nail manicure products, but such products can cause more harm than good. Instead of your nails lasting for more than three weeks, you could end up having a new manicure weekly. Therefore, the ideal solution is to purchase OPI gel polish and other similar top-quality brands.

Today, you have the facilities to buy OPI gel nail polish online. Our website offers an excellent range of OPI gel polish products in various colors. You can order your favorite shades and have a fantastic time using them.

Manage your cuticles

Cuticles have an important place in your nail manicure. An experienced beautician advises avoiding your cuticles coming into contact with any nail polish products. You can use an orangewood cuticle pusher to push the cuticles back into their grooves gently. If you apply force, the cuticles can snap and cause pain.

The reason behind avoiding the cuticles is that the natural nail growth can cause the nail polish layer to lift. If the nail polish lifts, it exposes a gap between the nail surface and the polish layer. Water can seep into the gap and cause nail infections like fungus. Such a situation can take time to heal. Hence, it is better to push the cuticles before you start the nail polish job.

Prep your nails to last long

Before preparing your nails, you should ensure to clean them thoroughly. It is better to use an alcohol-based sanitizer to get rid of germs and bacteria. It also ensures the removal of the oils on the nail surface that can affect the nail manicure. Nail sanitizers are available when you purchase OPI gel nail polish kit.

Preparing your nails include cutting and bringing them into the right shape. If you have elongated fingers, you can choose a square nail shape to give a flattering effect. If you have short fingers, you can opt for an elongated shape to lengthen your nail appearance. On cutting the nails, you need to file them to ensure there are no sharp edges. Having sharp edges can cause the nail polish to chip or lift at a later stage.

Finally, you should ensure to buff the nail surface to rough it up. It ensures that the basecoat sticks to the nail surface. Some experts advise the application of a nail bonder. However, it is an optional process.

The Gel Polish Process

You can order your OPI gel polish kit when you buy OPI gel polish online. You will find the basecoat application in the kit. Apply this basecoat in thin layers and ensure to seal the nails. The trick to an excellent gel manicure is to have a basecoat layer as thin as possible. When doing so, you should ensure to avoid the cuticles. If the basecoat spills over to the cuticles, you can always remove it using a wooden cuticle stick.

Curing the basecoat layer is crucial after the application. Use a UV lamp of good quality to cure the basecoat layer.

Apply the gel polish in a thin layer and cure it under the UV lamp. Darker colors need curing for a longer duration. You can repeat the manicure as often as you like, but you should ensure to cure each layer before applying the next one.

Finally, you apply the topcoat layer from the cuticle to the free edge. Cure the application under the UV lamp for at least 30 seconds. Your nail polish should appear tacky to touch.

Use a nail cleanser and wipe off the tacky surface. It is also advisable to use lint-free nail wipes. Once the gel manicure is over, you can massage the skin around the nail with cuticle oil. It helps to moisturize the skin.

Your gel manicure is over and ready to last for at least three weeks.

Where can you purchase OPI gel polish?

Gel polish is available online at various ecommerce retails stores. However, purchasing your gel polish requirement from the manufacturer’s official website. Alternatively, our website is the best place to buy OPI gel. Besides the best quality, we offer an exciting range of colors on display. You get other benefits like free shipping and attractive gifts on your purchases.

This blog details the gel manicure process. Keep watching these posts to know how to remove gel polish at home.