Women love having their nails done. Having a beautiful nails gives a woman a sense of pride as it makes their hand look regal. But not all women can visit the salon regularly to get their nails done. It is either they do not have the time or their wallet doesn’t allow it. Let’s face it, having your nails done in the salon is time consuming and also not friendly on your budget. That is why doing nails at home is becoming a trend lately for those busy women who wants to have their nails done. By simply watching video tutorials online, one can make a nail art that looks as if it was professionally done at the salon.

LDS Lavis Dip Systems Products

Here are some of the best products that you must have to achieve sugar-effect floral nail that you can rock at parties or even in social media channels.

  1. LDS Liquid Gel Base

Everything is about the foundation you use. If you want your nail art to last then you must have a good foundation. It will keep the liquid and the powder in place and it is especially formulated for LDS dipping powder.

  1. LDS Clear Powder

Your search for finding the best product that will not damage your nail bed is over! Why? Because LDS Clear Powder is the one for you. It will help you achieve the beautiful look you want without damaging your nail bed because the formulation of this product adds vitamins and calcium to your nail bed.

  1. LDS Base Powder

There is no need to worry about maintenance of your nail because LDS Base Powder is made to resist chip and cracks on the nail. This product will keep your nail design intact so you can enjoy it longer.

  1. LDS D157 Endless Love

Are you up for a shiny, brilliant look on your fingers? If you are, then you should have LDS D157 Endless Love in your kit because it is a combination of beauty and benefits in one container.

  1. LDS D50 Ladyfingers

You want something that look and feel natural? Well, we are glad to tell you that LDS D50 Ladyfingers has that and more. It will give your nail that amazing glow without trying too much.

  1. LDS D143 Crème de la Crème

Whether you want to use it as it is or a finale to achieve that sugar-effect floral, LDS D143 Crème de la Crème can surely turn your fingernails over to that of a princess. It is very easy to maintain and not to mention that it will surely make your hand look beautiful in every way.

  1. LDS Liquid Sealer Dry

Add another coat of shine and beauty to your nail by using LDS Liquid Sealer Dry after you’ve decorated it. It will not only beautify your nail but it will add that protection that your nails need. Trust us, it will take you weeks before you fix your nails again.

Collect all these amazing products to achieve that fresh from the salon nails that you’ve always dreamt of and thank us later.