Pregnancy is truly a hard period in the life of a women. As the body is undergoing an extreme change in shape and size, it really needs structure and support to feel and look good. A Maternity belt or band could be your new best friend if you feel the need of a sturdy reinforcement.

Help a Pregnant Woman Be More Comfortable During Pregnancy

During pregnancy as the size of the belly increases tremendously, your favourite clothes no longer fit but a belly band can help you slip into your favourite pair of jeans quite conveniently. Belly bands provide support, coverage and shape to the belly. Choosing the appropriate maternity belts and bands will provide your already tired body a moment of comfort in every situation.

During the second and third trimester of gestation, as the body is swelling and their is a lot of fluid retained in the body, you may feel like a rapidly expanding blimp.  In this situation, leave your pants button undone and cover the gap created with a belly band, which will act like a fabric bridge.

Belly bands come in many layer options and provide extra warmth in winter season.

A belly band not only provides support but also provides coverage.

Maternity belts are heavy duty supporting materials that look almost similar to the belly bands.

Maternity belts give support to bulky and sagging belly and reduces the pain caused by the heavy abdominal muscles.

They come in different styles with adjustment systems that allow the belt to be resized easily according to the shape and structure of the belly.

This self adjustment system also reduces the lower back pain.

Rather than covering the entire belly, they come under the baby bump providing support from underneath, and look like a ‘belly bra’.

Maternity belts and bands could help in a variety of situations during pregnancy

  • If the pregnant lady has a lot of work to do while staying on feet.
  • If the pregnant lady has gained too much weight.
  • If the women is expecting twins.
  • If she is suffering from pain in the pelvis region.
  • If the women has sciatic pain.
  • If she has the round ligament pain which occurs very commonly during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, body is already undergoing a lot of discomfort. The last thing a pregnant women wants to worry about is an underwear.

To keep the private parts comfortable during pregnancy, it is necessary to choose the best underwear for pregnancy. Undies for pregnancy not only provide excellent coverage but are also super comfy.

The first thing to look for in a pregnancy underwear is the material of the fabric. Cotton, Nylon and Viscose Underwear are very famous when it comes to comfort, softness, ability to stretch and non itchy texture.

An underwear that provides low rise in the front and full coverage in the back is everything you look for in a maternity panty.

The underwears that come with cotton linings not only provide comfort but are also extremely hygienic.

As the third trimester of pregnancy approaches, size of the baby grows and belly drops downward, causing it nearly impossible to wear an underwear. Sometimes, it becomes tough to find the perfect panty that would not only avoid the bump but also cover the whole back.In this situation, a crossover panty having a ‘V’ in the front will definitely help you avoid the baby bump.

Undies that could be worn postpartum are always the best. The underwears with low rise in the front could allow the healing of C-section wound.

Keeping in mind  all the features mentioned above, undies, belly bands and maternity belts should be chosen according to the personal style and the degree of comfort required. A good choice of maternity accessories can help you get through this challenging period of life.