Indeed you know that maintaining a healthy diet is good for you in a variety of ways; it can improve your sleep routines, boost your energy levels and greatly reduces your chances of falling ill. But did you know certain foods can enhance your physical appearance? In this article, we will highlight the various classes of nutrients that can aid your nail and hair growth and also give it the extra durability and glow it deserves.


Vitamin H also knows as Biotin can fix thinning or splitting hair, as well as repairing damaged nails. Vitamin H has even been used to treat hair loss, a situation known as alopecia and when taken with corticosteroid clobetasol propionate and zinc, it is super effective. DiBona Nina, a dietician at the Sports Club in the US, confirms. “A lack of in Vitamin H could result in hair loss or brittle hair.” A less stressful way to recall: The H in supplement H represents “haut and haar,” which indicates “nails and hair” in German-born, as the dietician says. Try eating salmon, peanuts, lentils, eggs, cauliflower, beans, and banana.

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To get more shiny hair, make omega-3 part of your diet,  which improves scalp health and could also give your hair extra glow and lustre, according to Nina DiBona. The stratum corneum is the exterior part of the skin and it relies on eicosapentaenoic acid, linolenic acid and alpha which are necessary fatty acids in the body to function properly. The stratum corneum also contains keratin and this gives helps its water-holding abilities. Lack of these necessary acids can lead to dandruff or a dry scalp. Try eating walnuts, tuna, spinach, sardines, salmon, mackerel, fish oil, flaxseed and eggs.


Necessary protein intake is significant for many reasons, especially when it comes to nails and hair. When you eat sufficient dietary protein, your body is provided with the foundations to growing strong nails and hair and the element responsible this is keratin. Lean meats are the most convenient way to introduce protein into your diet; just ensure you stay away from overly fatty meals. Try eating whole grains, soy milk, seafood, nuts, diaries, lean meat, eggs and chicken.

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Vitamin A helps generate a training material for the head known as oils, which makes hair look and feel healthy. Moreover, besides the beauty benefits, this supplement contributes to better immune system function and improves eye health, which in turn keeps you strong and vital all over. Try eating sweet potatoes, spinach, oatmeal, mangoes, egg yolk, cheddar cheese, carrots, cantaloupe, broccoli and apricots.


Zinc is another supplement that aids the immune system function properly, and it also aids the development of your connective tissues. Zinc is a component of lots of enzymes in our bodies, some of which control the body’s ability to produce new proteins that will become foundations for healthier nails and hair. Brittleness, hair dryness and loss of hair can be signs lack of zinc. Try eating soybeans, oysters, lobsters, lean beef, green beans and cashews.