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<span>Eyelash</span> Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

You want longer, thicker, more dramatic lashes. Beautiful, supernatural lashes! You want to end the tyranny of mascara—no more clumping, no more scrubbing them clean! At Happy Feet LeeLashes, we believe our lash extensions are the most effective, highest impact non-surgical beauty procedure available. It’s like waking up in perfectly applied make up.

Our lashes come in a wide variety of lengths, thicknesses and curl to suit any look you want, from a bit more than natural to a dramatic, heavy mascara look. Best of all, they feel light, natural and long lasting and won’t impact even the most active lifestyle.

What Is Eyelash Extensions?

At LeeLash Eyelash extensions are individually applied, semi-permanent synthetic or 100% real mink lashes that enhance the length, thickness, color and curl of your eyelashes. They are bonded to your natural lash one at a time using a surgical-grade adhesive with a non-irritating black pigment. Properly applied, an eyelash extension will stay bonded to your natural lash until the end of its normal growth cycle, which can be up to 90 days. However, your eyelashes are continuously falling out and growing back in. Because of the irregularity of this growth cycle, most customers come in for a Re-Lash (Touch-up) every three to four weeks. During a Re-Lash service, new eyelash extensions are applied to all empty eyelashes—both new and old. You’re Re-Lashed, Re-Beautified!


Trial Set (20 lashes per eye) $50
Not sure eyelash extension is for you? Try our mini set. If you come back within 3 days to get the full set, you just have to pay the different. (45min)

Partial Set (50 lashes per eye) $130
Ideal for clients who wants nice soft and weightless eyelashes.

Glamour Set (75 lashes per eye) $180 – $200
Transform your eyes with gorgeous, luscious lashes that are longer, thicker, and curlier than before.(1.5 – 2 Hr.)

Volume Full Set (100+ lashes per eye) $275
Ideal for weddings, special occasions or for those with thicker lashes or who just love eyelash extensions! A more dramatic and slightly longer lasting look is achieved with a glamour set. (2 – 2.5 Hr.)

Pure Mink Set $ 250
Our premium, mink, Individual eyelashes are 100% natural mink fur- not synthetic imposters. They are hand made from individually selected mink fur hairs that have been harvested by gently brushing the live animals. (2 – 2.5 Hr.)

Fill In/Touch Up (every 3 – 4 weeks) $80 – $140
Your eyelashes naturally grow and fall out in cycles of 60 – 90 days. So over time, you’re bound to start shedding lashes. This is a great way of making your Full Lash Set last even longer. We recommend you get infills to replace lashes you’ve shed every 3-4 weeks.(1 – 1.5 Hr.)

Removal $40


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