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<span>Permanent Cosmetic</span> Lips

Permanent Cosmetic Lips


Lip coloring is an ancient art. Women have pigmented their lips with various dyes, or stains for centuries. Tattooing the lip color or permanent makeup of the lips benefits those who cant see to apply color or whose hands tremble or shake or are unable to perform the daily act of cosmetic makeup application. It is not only for those who want to look their best but also for those who have lost color, possibly through natural aging, chemotherapy, surgery, or sun damage. Athletes and swimmers find the permanent lip tattoo invaluable as they go about their activities.

The Pros of Permanent Lipstick

Lip shape can be enhanced or evened out if irregular.
Time saved in makeup application
Expense of buying and replacing old or moldy lip-glosses is reduced.
Self esteem enhanced by a professional appearance
Avoid the appearance of lipstick color “bleeding” into fine lines around the mouth.
Replace lip color lost through aging, activity, cancer or chemotherapy.
A simple inexpensive clear lip-gloss applied over the color will keep the lips looking lipstick fresh.
Allergic responses to lipstick brands or dried lip tissue are no longer an issue.
Lip color no longer stains coffee cups of glasses but remains on the lips where it belongs. Scars can be camouflaged.

How to Avoid Negative Results of Lips Permanent Cosmetic Makeup

Chose a neutral color to enhance lips. Dramatic color can always be temporarily applied for special occasions.
Discuss expectations and desired results before the procedure .
Do not extend the tattoo beyond the vermillion border (lip border) if possible.
Regular touchups prevent fading.
Advise the nurse of any history of cold sores and take preventative medicine to avoid recurrence.
Keeping lips moisturized prevents chapping and lip color flaking.
Follow all after instructions exactly as directed.
Agree upon cost prior to procedure and learn what is included in the initial cost (e.g. follow ups, anesthetics, availability of technician for future).

Permanent Lipliner Aftercare

Whether a full lip procedure or just lip liner, the lips will be swollen and dry after a permanent makeup procedure. An after care ointment will be prescribed and should be applied on the lips several times a day. This ointment will be used for 2 weeks after the initial procedure. If the lips do become dry, the overall look may be altered. No rubbing should occur; tap the ointment onto the lips to moisten them.

As the lips are healing, they will flake. Do not pick the flaking skin and allow it to heal on its own. Avoid any heat including tanning beds, the sun and any hot water directly on the lips. Alcohol and salty foods should be avoided during the healing process.

Swelling: Moderate. An ice bag should be applied for the first few hours for ten (10) minutes on and ten (10) minutes off.

Moisture: Lips will tend to be very dry. Keep them moist with Shea Butter or Shea Oil ONLY. Some peeling may occur. DO NOT PEEL OFF! Do not wipe your lips with a napkin while eating blot instead. Drink through a straw. Lips have a tendency to fade up to 60% after the first procedure.


  • Chlorine pools for 1 week
  • Retin A on the lips
  • Drinking without a straw
  • Hot, long, steamy showers
  • Sun on pigmented area for 2-3 days
  • Soaps, facial cleansers on pigmented area for 2-3 days
  • Terry towels on pigmented area for 2-3 days
  • Any topical product such as Chapstick, Blistex, Ambesol. USE ONLY AQUAPHORE OR EMU OIL.
  • Rubbing lips with wash cloth wash around lips carefully

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